What Type Of Garage Door Insulation In Ventura Is Best For Your Home?

Insulating garage doors can actually save you money in the long run. It’s a good project to undertake, whether you are doing it yourself or calling the garage door technicians to handle the maintenance. There are different types of insulation that can be used. Are you familiar with your choices? Let’s look at the types of garage door insulation available and other specifics related to this project.

In general, you have three choices when it comes to types of insulation for garage doors. First of all, there is foam board insulation. What do you know about polystyrene? Don’t let the fact that this insulation is only one inch thick fool you. It’s a nice solution in terms of insulating your garage doors. You do have the choice of panels that are a half inch thick or one inch thick, and you might want to go with the latter.

What type of climate do you live in? This next type of insulation is great for warmer climates, as it is very heat reflective. Heat reflective insulation that utilizes aluminum foil is the choice here, and it is certainly a popular option. Remember to pay attention to R values when you are deciding what type of garage door insulation you need.

You’re also going to be paying attention to price as well. This third choice is only about 30 cents for each square foot of insulation, and that sounds like a bargain. Are you familiar with batt insulation? Typically, you will find the material for this type of insulation is fiberglass with a foil backing.

What type of insulation is going to be best for your garage door? If you don’t plan on carrying out the project by yourself, you can always ask a technician what’s best. He or she knows the industry pretty well, but at least you know your options now.