How To Do Garage Door Repair DIY Ventura California

If you are smart you will not take your automatic garage door for granted. Yes, it is nice to be able to push the button and drive into a nice warm and dry garage instead of having to get out when the weather is bad in your driveway.

It still does rain in Ventura, CA so having that luxury is very nice indeed. However, from time to time you should do a little garage door repair diy Ventura CA yourself. There are some tasks that you can do that will help your door to last longer.

Be sure and periodically check the bolts that hold the door sections together from time to time. They have a tendency to work their way loose as the door action moves up and down, and if they continue in that fashion and become too lose, the door can buckle.

Just take a little wrench and check each one and be sure that they are all tight, and you’ll be set for a few months. It should take you no more than 30 or 45 minutes to handle all of that.

It is also a very good idea to lubricate the rollers on the side of the door. Squirt a drop or two of 3 and 1 oil into the inner part where the ball bearings are, or if you have a silicone spray that will work too.

Inspect the tracks and be sure that there is no debris in the track that could catch the rollers, such as bent areas on the tracks.

Another important thing to do is to lightly lubricate the spring located in the back up at the top. If it dries out, it could clump up and jam the system.

Perform your own garage door repair diy Ventura CA about every three to six months to keep your door operating smoothly.